How do you protect yourself daily from toxins? Do you include a binder? You should!

Just to be clear here…I don’t mean something that makes you constipated! Lol!

A binder is something that will bind with things like toxins in your body and help them be excreted from the body. They can be used to bind to toxins as they enter your body, excreting them before they become stored in your body’s tissues. Or they can be used as part of a detox program where you do things to draw out toxins from where they have been stored in the body and then bind and excrete them. A must for intermittent fasters!! (toxins are often stored in the fat and when we reduce caloric intake and break down fat, toxins are released)

Even the most diligent and ‘cleanest’ of us all; if you only eat organic foods, only use natural beauty and cleaning products, live in the bush etc you still come into contact with toxins to some degree.  

Our body has natural binders and detox mechanisms, but we have such and increased toxic load nowadays (all the pesticides, chemicals in food and health care products, vaccines, medications etc) that our liver and cells are often overburdened leading to a myriad of health issues, hormone imbalances, and inflammation.

Ever done a detox and got headaches, nausea, fatigue? That’s the toxins being pulled out of your body tissues too quickly for your body to handle and dumped into the blood where they are circulated round the body.

This is where a binder can really help, we bind them and remove them, before they deposit elsewhere, cause further damage, and make us feel more unwell. If you take a binder daily you can bind up toxins before they even get into your tissues. Bonus!

I recommend daily binders for my clients but it’s important to know which are safe for regular use and which should not be used daily. This is because many binders also bind to your body’s minerals (think things like calcium, magnesium, zinc etc), and so if taken too regularly can leave the body depleted. Things like bentonite clay and activated charcoal for example are excellent binders of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins, but they also bind to minerals so should be taken rarely and well away from foods and medications.

I therefore wanted to share my two favourite daily binders to help you bind up the nasties safely.

These are:

Modified Citrus Pectin (in particular Econugenics Pectasol-C) – this is my binder of choice for daily use. There have been many studies done showing how useful Pectasol-C is to detoxification and cellular health AND it doesn’t bind to your minerals so won’t deplete you.

Digestive bitters (I like Urban Moonshine Original) – this stimulates bile flow, which is one of the body’s natural detox binders. It also has the added bonus of helping digestion, particularly of those oh so important healthy fats!

The body may use heavy metals in place of minerals that you may be deficient in e.g. lead in the place of calcium in your bones, as their structures are similar. It is incredibly important, therefore, that you know you have sufficient mineral levels and those minerals are bioavailable in the body (not just being circulated in the blood) before embarking on a detox program, or you can imagine the issues you can cause.

We also want to make sure our body is strong enough, able, and ready to detox. Our body doesn’t detox well when our metabolism is too slow as it doesn’t have the resources to do so. With hair and tissue mineral testing (HTMA) we can assess all these things as well as your heavy metal toxicity status to determine when the body is ready for detox support. Blood is a transport medium not a cellular tissue so blood tests don’t give us the answers we need here.

To find out more about how you can get help please see here or contact me, I would love to ensure you detoxify safely so you can radiate from within!