Feeling the effects of your beautiful little leach mumma?

I use functional lab testing to help you find the root cause of your emotional and physical fatigue, and show you how to replenish your depleted body from the toll of pregnancy, birth and those early years postpartum, so you can restore your strength and energy, and regain your vitality.

Get on with living your beautiful life, instead of feeling like you’re a zombie, on a merry-go-round you can’t get off!

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I know you!

You’re a driven, contentious mumma that wants to do it all, but you are struggling.

Struggling with ‘all the things’ you ‘have’ to do and be. You don’t even know who you are anymore, you have lost that sense of self, you don’t feel aligned, you have no balance, and your health and mental state is suffering.

Your expectations of motherhood are way different to your reality. You dream of time for yourself, but there’s an endless list of things to do with no apparent completion – you mop the floors then the kids drop food on it, do the laundry then there’s another pile that appears, serve and eat dinner then there’s the washing-up.

You’re so fricken tired, you can’t focus or think clearly, your gut’s uncomfortable and bloated, you’re anxious, you’re snapping at your loved ones or feeling totally numb, and your libido is AWOL.

Your day ends with wine o’clock, Netflix, and scrolling on your phone looking at everything going on in the world outside your ‘Groundhog Day’ life, or you are working on the computer at any opportunity you can to get ahead with your business, start a business, and/or get back to work so you can have some sense of achievement and completion, but your productivity and drive is flailing.

You feel in your bones that something’s out of balance within you and you see how it’s affecting your relationships, health, and productivity. Things shouldn’t be so goddam hard and your soul is yearning for change, but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do to make things better.

Because I was you…

Hey, I’m Carla, a Functional Health Coach and Practitioner specialising in mineral balancing, and helping mums replenish their bodies post birth, so they can get the energy they crave to get on and live their beautiful lives rather than being held back by health struggles and fatigue.

I used to be that drained and depleted mumma until I found out about matrescence, postpartum depletion, and mineral balancing.

Matrescence is, “The monumental transformation that a woman experiences in her journey to and through motherhood”. Like adolescence, matrescence is a developmental process that takes time and requires support.

Postpartum depletion is a condition that involves both physical and emotional fatigue as a result of the huge toll that pregnancy, birth and child care take on a mother. It’s characterised by exhaustion, low mood, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, and a sensation of feeling tired but too wired to sleep, and involves many mineral, vitamin, and nutrient deficiencies.

Mineral balancing is the process of using specific nutrients to correct the body’s chemistry, including enabling the cell’s ability to make energy.

With this understanding and the latest in functional lab testing, I was empowered with the knowledge I needed to replenish my unique body and heal, and I’ve now made it my mission to help other mummas do the same.

As your Functional Health Coach and Practitioner, I am here to help you discover what your unique body needs, and provide the support and guidance you need to get lasting positive results. 

What’s ‘Functional’ Health Coaching mean?

I use functional lab testing to help dig deep for the root causes of your health struggles, taking away the guesswork.

Some of the most common things I help with are fatigue, irritability, anxiety, memory issues, confusion, depression, dizziness, headaches/migraines, digestive issues (food feels like it sits in the stomach, bloating, gas, constipation), PMS, dry skin, cold hands and feet, brittle hair and hair loss, apathy, and low libido.

Lab results along with a detailed review of your lifestyle and current symptoms provide heaps of clues to me to help me uncover what’s going on in your body, how it’s functioning, and why you feel as you do. And of course all this helps us get an action plan for results!

As “all disease begins in the gut” (Hippocrates), and “you can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency” (Linus Pauling), my focus initially is with gut and mineral testing, however, I may suggest further tests depending on your situation.

When we understand why we are doing what we are doing, I believe we have more chance of making positive lasting change. Awareness truly is key to healing.

Things we cover:

Nutrition and eating habits
Gut health
Exercise and movement
Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
Chemical, environmental and physical stressors
Emotional health

This work will be soulful, and transformational…something that will serve you in your years ahead.

The investment that you make within yourself will be one of the most rewarding for yourself and for your family. You will wish you had done it sooner!


Are you ready to get energised and radiate from within?


“Carla has helped me so much with getting my health back on track. I came to her with issues such as endometriosis, exhaustion, digestion issues, stress, weak immunity, brittle hair plus much more. She identified the causes and I now have much more energy and high immunity, my hair is coming back again and I’m much happier and healthier. She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and has been a huge support to me while I adjust my life and get my health back on track. She has been irreplaceable in my journey of healing. I would recommend her to anyone!” – Celeste



No doubt you’ve tried heaps already or maybe you’ve been told by your doctor all your labs are normal, or that’s there’s nothing you can do but take medication. I understand that you may have some questions or want to chat before working with me.

In this complementary 15 min session we will discuss:

What your biggest health struggles are and how we are going to tackle them during our time together.
What your goals are and how committed you are to achieving them.
What program and functional lab tests might be best for you.
What you get working with me.

No health advice is given on this call, that will all kick off in your initial Health Detective Session.


In this initial consult we go through your health history and look at where we can start making some changes straight away.

In this session we will:

Review your full health history.
Review your Food & Mood Diary (given upon enrollment to complete).
Review any blood tests from the last 2 months.
Blood test and functional lab testing recommendations.
Discuss your current health struggles.
Analyse some of your lifestyle habits and nutrition choices.

You will receive a full wellness action plan to get started on straight away, including initial suggestions for:

Sleep and rest,
Stress reduction,


This will be discussed in your Health Detective Session, however, as minerals are what runs the show when it comes to our body chemistry, enzymes, and hormones, I generally start with HTMA. The HTMA is also the best bang for your buck when you consider all it shows us.

I may also recommend blood tests that you may get from your GP or purchase privately. Your results may flag some concerns, and/or we may want to get more/different pieces of the puzzle initially, in which case I may suggest further testing in your lab review session.

You can see a full list of tests I may suggest HERE.

Due to the level of detail and research I do for the HTMA, CMM, and DUTCH, these tests are run as their own programs. For any other testing, these may be added to the program and follow-up sessions will be used to review your results.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Best if you suffer with low energy and want to know about your body systems, overall health, detox ability, altered personality traits, and your metabolic and stress state.

1x HTMA Functional Lab Test

Lab Review Session – I walk you through your lab results and what they indicate, discuss your healing protocol, and any necessary supplements that are required.

Blood Test Review

3-month protocol

1x Follow-up Session

Complete Microbiome Mapping (CMM)

Best if your main concerns are digestive discomfort and gut issues.

1x Complete Microbiome Lab Test

Lab Review Session – I walk you through your lab results and what they indicate, discuss your healing protocol, and any necessary supplements that are required.

Blood Test Review

4-phase gut healing protocol dependent on results.

1x Follow-up Session

DUTCH Cycle Mapping™ Plus

Best if you’re struggling with fertility, hormonal symptoms that fluctuate through the cycle, PMS, mid-cycle spotting, or menstrual migraines etc and just want to know what your hormones are doing, to get some accountability, and allopathic support more quickly.

1x DUTCH Cycle Mapping™Plus Lab Test

Lab Review Session – I walk you through your lab results and what they indicate, discuss your healing protocol, and any necessary supplements that are required.

Blood Test Review

Support protocol dependent on results

1x Follow-up Session

(or 3x fortnightly contributions of $215)

(or initial contribution of $449, and
3x fortnightly contributions of $145)

(or initial contribution of $499, and
3x fortnightly contributions of $145)


Coaching uncovers the thoughts going through your mind that are determining how you navigate your life. If you want to be happier, get more done, have more success…coaching will show you the way. Even the most accomplished and successful people have a coach to help support and keep them accountable. Let’s keep you focused and on track for your goals, rather than stuck in overwhelm and freeze mode. These sessions may also be used to review any of the extra testing that you get done.

Best if you have one main issue you want to work on. This 12-week option includes:
3x 45 min Follow-up Sessions (1 per month) – to check in with your progress, make any necessary adjustments to your protocol, get any questions answered, and get coached around anything your struggling with.
6x email check-ins (1 per fortnight) to ask any questions around what was discussed in previous sessions.

Best if you have more than one main issue you want to work on. This 12-week option includes:
6x 45 min Follow-up Sessions (1 per fortnight)
12x email check-ins (1 per week)


“When a woman finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible,
she becomes free to learn how to please herself.” ― Glennon Doyle

jess 2

“After having my second daughter, I felt tired and depleted – no matter what I tried or how much sleep I got. Carla, with her guidance and sooooo much knowledge has been a key component in my return to feeling vitality and feeling inspired once again. Her holistic approach to healing and the tools she provides to encourage growth of our inner guidance connection was beautiful. I am reconnecting with myself and feeling the joy that comes with that!” – Jess

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