I’ve spent probably 50,000 dollars since [my child] got sick, you know, on him and there’s been every time I’ve read ‘you need to look after yourself or they won’t heal’ and I was like that is f****** ridiculous. When do you have the time to do that, and it’s only really been since I’ve been prioritising myself because I invested in your program that it’s made a huge difference and pretty much ever since I had that mind shift he’s been better.

– Lauren McCann

After having my second daughter, I felt tired and depleted – no matter what I tried or how much sleep I got. Carla, with her guidance and sooooo much knowledge has been a key component in my return to feeling vitality and feeling inspired once again. Her holistic approach to healing and the tools she provides to encourage growth of our inner guidance connection was beautiful. I am reconnecting with my self and feeling the joy that comes with that!

– Jess Worthy

In addition to knowing exactly which supplements to take, Carla is an expert at explaining why you need them and how they’ll help. Carla takes the time to listen and provide comprehensive feedback and reports. The guesswork of deciding what you need to improve your health is removed.

– Pauline Beal

I don’t know if I have more energy and so my mindset is more positive, or the other way around, but I’m definitely feeling sharper mentally and more energised.

– Judit Sedgman

Dr Carla is truly a professional in every sense of the word, but what you may not realise is that she is highly skilled in both the Clinical (Scientific) world and the Spiritual (Energetic) world. Dr Carla is so passionate about helping others that she has dedicated her life to understanding and training in a variety of techniques that will not only provide answers where other Doctors fail, but she backs that up with hands on healing and support to help you live your best life. I highly recommend Dr Carla.

– Kelly Caylor

Carla has helped me so much with getting my health back on track, specifically by using hair mineral testing to identify where my body really needed help. I came to her with issues such as endometriosis, exhaustion, digestion issues, stress, weak immunity, brittle hair plus much more. She identified what were the causes through my hair mineral testing and can now say there has been a huge improvement over the last few months following her analysis and guidance where I now have much more energy and high immunity, my hair is coming back again and I’m much happier and healthier. She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and has been a huge support to me while I adjust my life and get my health back on track. She has been irreplaceable in my journey of healing. I would recommend her to anyone!

– Celeste Dawson

From working with Carla, I definitely feel so much more energetic, more alert, less joint pain, not so moody and down, a lot more relaxed and also sleeping better. To put it in a nutshell feeling more me! Just from a few life changes, supplements and guidance. I’m so grateful! Carla changes peoples lives! Also really educates people about the body and how it all works. So many things I didn’t even know was a thing until she explained to me.

– Amber Keith

Since we have started working together which has been about 3 months now the level of discomfort I was feeling on a daily basis has significantly decreased. Previously, I would wake up every day bloated and uncomfortable and struggle with stomach issues on a daily basis. We have more work to do together but the change I have noticed thus far has been incredible and I cannot thank you enough. I feel healthy, energized and honestly feel like I am healing from the inside out. My only regret is that I did not seek help sooner and I look forward to the coming months and what we can achieve together.

– Lily Cannella

Carla is a beautiful & caring practitioner, who goes above and beyond for her clients. She is knowledgeable and practical when it comes to addressing the root cause of our symptoms. Carla helped me address mineral & vitamin deficiencies to improve all areas of health. I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with health concerns they just cant seem to get on top of!

– Sheradyn Dekker

Carla is so wonderfully patient and kind. Such a wise woman with so much life experience. I am honoured to have found her

– Tabitha Schutz

I just read the notes from toda, all i can say is I’m so impressed, you actually get me, which I’ve never had from a doctor, and what you delivered is exactly what I’m looking for, it’s all on my level and it’s absolutely gonna help me level up.

– Otis Reynolds

I knew I was heading into a challenging phase of my business so I turned to Carla to help me prepare myself for the task ahead. I knew it was important to keep my health and energy levels up in order to keep up with everything. Best move I could’ve made .. everyone around me have gone down with some kind of virus or flu and I keep forging ahead kicking my goals. With a vitamin regimen in play & massage to keep the body humming I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you Carla feel blessed to have you in my corner 🙂

– Fran Burgess