Who do I work with?

I specialise in working with mums around 6 months to 5 years postpartum, struggling with exhaustion, low mood, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, and that sensation of feeling tired but too wired to sleep.

Having said that I don’t discriminate and past clients include women, men, and children of all ages. If my content resonates with you in some way I encourage you to reach out and chat to see if we would make a good team on your healing journey.

Want to know my prices

The process to work with me including my prices can be found HERE.


Tell me about yourself!

I want to get to know you, so I can understand what may work best for you. To help us make the most of our time together, let me know a little about where you’ve come from and your biggest struggles in these PRE-INTRO CHAT QUESTIONS.

Book your Intro Chat

If you have watched the video and filled out the above form, use THIS LINK to book your intro chat so I can connect with you and answer any questions you may have before working with me.

Want to jump straight in to an Initial Consult

You’re not sure you want to do functional lab testing yet but want a one off consult to get guidance with where to focus to make positive changes for your health around nutrition, sleep and rest, movement, stress management, and supplementation. Book straight in HERE.

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