Healing for the body, mind, and soul

My signature Energy Healing Massage is a treatment like no other. Incorporating remedial massage, Reiki, and ThetaHealing, we clear energies, release tension, and receive downloads.

Your experience will be unique each time.

With over 7 years as a massage therapist, over 4 years practicing Reiki, and this past year honing my ThetaHealing skills I have found myself incorporating all my skills in what I now call my signature Energy Healing Massage.

This isn’t a treatment that you will get anywhere else, and the Energy Healing Massage will change each time you see me but essentially it is this:

  • An intuitive remedial massage to ease tension and pain in your body using all the standard massage techniques plus my own techniques that I have developed over the years. I have been told I have a knack for ‘finding the spot’ and areas that people didn’t even think they had an issue with. I may also incorporate myofascial cupping throughout your massage (generally using moving cups to ease muscle tension and encourage lymphatic flow, which leaves no marks).
  • Using my intuition and connection to Source/Creator/Universe I may receive downloads or insights that I may share with you throughout the Energy Healing Massage or after – sometimes I don’t get these and it’s more a feeling and a personal journey for you. I ask permission from your person and your soul and spirit before we start the healing massage and confirm with you if you would like me to tap in to this or not – your space is sacred and I cannot enter your energetic field without your permission.

The Energy Healing Massage includes:

  • Full body Remedial Massage,
  • Chakra balancing,
  • Removal of Fallens/Entities and Wayward Spirits,
  • Soul Fragment retrieval, and
  • Healing of the Soul.

It may also include organ healing, readings, blood cleansing, and downloads, depending on how I am guided.

At the end of your massage we have a little debrief about your healing and you have the choice of an oracle card pull from my various decks. This can be a lovely way to gain a little more clarity and guidance around anything that releases in your session.

You may choose either a 90 minute ($130) or a 2 hour ($175) Energy Healing Massage, and as it includes remedial massage throughout you may still claim your health fund rebates.