We all know it’s bad…but it’s also lots of fun! If you can’t indulge a little at this time of year then when can you!?

It’s always good to support the body in general, but even more so when we are hitting it a little harder with toxins than normal. Your body can process about one alcoholic beverage per hour, so sip and mix in a water between drinks and that will benefit you plenty, but what more can you do?

If you have watched my detox video you will know that it’s important to consume antioxidants, protein and cruciferous veggies (don’t forget the Brussel sprouts this Christmas dinner!!!) to help our body to detox efficiently. There are lists of important foods to support detoxification at the end of my video, so be sure to take note and include plenty of these during the festive season!

However, I have been asked for my main supplement recommendations so here you go!


  1. Sea salt – alcohol is a diuretic and so depletes us of many vitamins and minerals. We often even crave salty foods the morning after a drinking session so it may not come as a surprise that sea salt makes my list. If you follow me or have worked with me to balance your minerals, you will know of my love of sea salt and recommendations to include it, particularly in your morning water when your potassium and sodium levels need balancing. Sea salt is a balanced mineral supplement. I am not talking about table salt here, which is pure sodium. Table salt is what causes issues with kidneys and blood pressure…we don’t want that! Sea salt on the other hand has a balanced mineral profile that greatly benefits our body. Minerals are the spark plugs of the body and without them our body will struggle to get well from any disorder. A good litre of water with a ¼ teaspoon of good quality sea salt in the first hour of waking will help on the way to balancing you out (this is actually what I recommend anyone do every morning, never mind after a drinking session). It shouldn’t taste salty, just really nice and hydrating! If you have a pure good quality Himalayan salt this is also good, however, unfortunately most are sourced from Pakistan and other places high in toxic metals, which are bound in the salt molecules.
  2. Bone broth – alcohol is a diuretic so we need hydration and minerals. What better supplement than a good quality grass-fed organic bone broth!? Not only this, but bone broth contains gelatin, a wonderful supplement for the gut, which is also damaged from the alcohol. If you can’t stomach the litre of water, why not try a few cups of salty broth instead to kick off the morning after!?
  3. Vitamin C – many people love a Berocca after a night drinking. Me not so much as it contains aspartame. Vitamin C however, helps to block the conversion of alcohol to aldehyde, which is the hangover inducing stuff. Plus, vitamin C is a great antioxidant, which, if you have followed my detox video, you will know is needed in the detox process to neutralize free radicals formed in phase 1 of detoxification. Consuming vitamin C whilst drinking helps, or I generally just ensure to up my daily vitamin C dose to twice a day during the silly season for continuous support for my cells and immune system.
  4. Pectasol-C – this is a great supplement all year round but especially during the silly season! Why? Well, over 50 studies have been published about how this particular modified citrus pectin provides support for total-body health and aging, promoting healthy tissues and cells and supports healthy immune function. With all the free radicals and increased carbohydrate load on our bodies during the silly season, this is just what’s in order! However, Pectasol-C is not only good for our cell’s health in general, it also helps our body to eliminate heavy metals due to it’s binding properties. Heavy metals are everywhere in this modern age and removing them from the body is beneficial for anyone! What’s special about Pectasol-C is that it is a selective binder, only binding to those bad toxins, rather than to our minerals. This is incredibly important as it helps to ensure we aren’t depleting our body of those essential nutrients. I take 1 scoop of the powder in warm water before bed and again in the morning.
  5. Activated Charcoal – as with Pectasol-C, charcoal is a binder of toxins, however, it also binds to our minerals so needs to be taken away from food and not taken too regularly to avoid becoming mineral deficient. It’s also important to keep hydrated to ensure things keep moving through your gut. Charcoal is wonderful if you happen to overindulge in the beverage department! They even often use it in the Emergency department when something poisonous has been consumed. I have tried different charcoals with mixed success, but now take two of the Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal before I start drinking and again before I go to bed after a night of one too many. Many of my friends are now on the charcoal bandwagon and will attest to its success.


So! All that is left it to wish you all a wonderful festive period and a happy new year, hangover free! Please drink responsibly!