Many of us tired mums have been told that our fatigue is partially due to low iron. We feel guilty for letting ourselves get so depleted and grab the Floradix, Ferro-grad C, or maybe even go for an iron infusion.

These might even make us feel better initially, but often we get the same issues again and find ourselves in a vicious circle where we’re constantly feeling drained and exhausted.

Maybe we start to believe this is what mumlife feels like and there’s little hope for us.

Well, mumma stop right there! If you’ve been told you have low iron, or even super high iron (haemochromatosis) as often we can flip between the two (I’m one of those people!) then you need to read on.

Over the last 12 months I’ve been learning a lot of eye-opening information about iron. I’m not going to go into everything here, but I do want to highlight and summarise some of the key things I’ve discovered in the hope you’ll at least seek further testing before you agree to add more iron to your body.

If you can you relate to any of the following signs and symptoms, then you’ve got something going on with your iron (and the chances of that are high if you’re reading this blog!):

Iron can’t work alone

Our lifeforce and energy depends on iron, but not on its own. It needs its chaperone, copper, to be able to do its job.

Before I go any further, let me explain the terms ‘bio-available’ and ‘bio-unavailable’ as they’re kinda the key to getting what I’m talking about here.

Bio-available means that it’s useable by the body. Bio-unavailable means that, even though it’s there, maybe even in excess, the body doesn’t have what’s needed to use it. When things are bio-unavailable we may get symptoms of being deficient but in reality, it’s building up in our tissues, which can be very dangerous.  The body is essentially lacking the ability to use it, it’s not that there’s not enough of it.

Right so now you get that, you’ll get this…

We need bio-available (useable) copper for iron regulation. Copper changes the form of iron from ferric to ferrous and back again and is required to incorporate iron into haemoglobin and get that all important oxygen around the body. (Check out my copper blog and quiz HERE to see if this is an issue for you).

If you don’t have adequate bio-available copper, taking iron supplements could lead to iron overload as the body is unable to use it (bio-unavailable) and so we see symptoms of deficiency when there is really an overload.

As iron is a strong neurotoxin and carcinogen* this is of big concern when iron supplements and infusions are so readily dispensed to tired mums without (in my opinion) the proper testing.

Our life force and energy depend on bio-available iron and copper, if it’s not bio-available it builds up in the mitochondria and robs us of our energy production (I’ve heard it’s about 97% of energy production!).

Mitochondria are everywhere, there are 1-2 thousand per cell, 100K in an ovum – so you can see the potential for issues!

We’re not just talking how energetic you feel here either. Energy is needed by every cell in your body to perform its function. You literally need this process to work to survive.

*To read all about the many negative impacts of iron please source ‘Iron: the most toxic metal’ by Dr. Jym Moon


If you’d like to learn more, you can also grab my Overcoming Copper & Iron Imbalance Masterclass, which is taken from my self-paced online program, Radiant Mumma, where I teach you all the foundations to balancing your minerals, healing your hormones and gut, and cleansing your body of toxins.