Dr. Trupti Gokani, MD gave an interview at the Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit 2017 and explained how headaches are catagorised in Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems that originated in India) and suggests how you can help each of the different types.

She starts with frontal headaches explaining that these often leave us feeling heavy, depressed, and tired, and they often become worse when we bend forward. She calls this a Kapha headache and suggests eating spicy foods, drinking some spicy water by adding ginger and cayenne, and getting the body moving with some form of exercise.

Next is the right side headache often associated with nausea and our menstrual cycle. This is a fire Pitta headache and Dr. Gokani suggests the opposite of the Kapha headache by instead consuming cooling foods, like aloe vera and pomegranate, to be less intense with oneself, and to take deep breaths.

Lastly she discusses the back of head headache associated with tightness and anxiety. This is a windy Vata headache. Here she explains you are moving too much, and need to perform some restorative yoga, and deep breathing, focusing on calming and relaxing yourself. This type of headache may come on if you have taken on too many things, so you should work on saying no. You should consume cooked warm foods as cold can activate this headache. Warm herbal tea is also beneficial.

If you would like to know more about what Dr. Trupti Gokani has to offer visit her website at http://www.ziramindandbody.com