Creating Time for Mums

Mini course to teach you how to reclaim your time, rediscover your joy, and ensure you look back on your life without regret, wondering where the heck the time went.

I don’t think I’ve met one mother that hasn’t said to me that she didn’t have enough time, myself included.

Let’s face it, motherhood is damn hard and there’s lots of potential for overwhelm with all the things we’re trying to do and be, manage, remember, and keep on top. Never mind finding that all so important space for ourselves to just ‘be’.

This is why I collated some of the main things I’ve found useful, since the birth of my twins, to help me manage my personal and biz time and feel like I’m moving forward rather than exhausting myself on a hamster wheel.

The Conscious Mother’s Creating Time Bundle is a mini-course that offers mothers a revolutionary approach to time management, focusing on practical strategies to create time and avoid overwhelm. With it you’ll be able to manage your roles more effectively, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Through a series of insightful exercises, videos, and meditations you’ll learn how to:

  • take things off your to-do-list,
  • prioritise your tasks and activities,
  • set up your ideal week where there’s always time for you,
  • understand the power of your words and thoughts, and
  • figure what truly matters to you most and put the ‘shoulds’ aside.

The mini course is presented in a handy ebook with links to 4 video trainings and 2 meditations, as well as various activities to help you put things into practice.

  • Video 1 – 25 mins
  • Video 2 – 20 min
  • 30-60 mins for 2 meditations and the first guided activity
  • Video 3 – 18 mins
  • 40-60 mins for the second guided activity
  • Video 4 – 13 mins
  • 30-40 mins for the third guided activity
  • 15-30 mins for the fourth guided activity