HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) – two are included in your 6-month program ($470)

Laboratory work conducted by: InterClinical Professional (sister to Trace Elements Institute)

Minerals are the spark plugs of the body and without them, you will have symptoms and will struggle to get well. For example, mineral imbalance may be the reason why you suffer from chronic infections or why you have estrogen dominance that won’t resolve no matter what you throw at it.

You may think your magnesium and calcium levels are fine based on a blood test, but that does not show what is getting into your cells or being used; blood is a transport medium but hair is cellular tissue, so with the HTMA we see what’s getting into your cells. How do you know if your supplements are right for you or if your body is able to use them? The HTMA can help us.

The HTMA looks at more than 35 nutrient and toxic minerals, and over 25 important mineral ratios. We determine your metabolic/oxidative rate, assess your ability to detox, look at some heavy metal toxins and determine if your body is strong enough for detox programs.

This test provides insight into:
Thyroid health
Adrenal health
Nervous system
Heavy metal toxicity
and more! ….which is why this is my start point with clients that want to go on a health journey with me. When we get our minerals in balance often we find other issues like fatigue, under/overactive thyroid, adrenal health, sleep etc (I could go on and on!) rectify on their own.

To read all about HTMA see here.

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Complete Microbiome Mapping / GI Map (AUD$494.10 add on to 6-month program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPATH

Great to include if your main concerns are digestive discomfort and gut issues.

Research into the gut has uncovered how incredibly important it is to our mental and physical health. This test assesses your microbiome from a single stool sample (yep sorry you got to scoop some poop!). The GI Map particularly looks at microbes that cause disease or that disrupt the normal microbial balance and contribute to illness.

The panel is a comprehensive collection of microbial targets as well as immune and digestive markers. It screens for bacterial imbalances (pathogenic and opportunistic), levels of beneficial flora, presence of yeast/fungi, viruses, and parasites.

For more information see here.

Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) Cycle Mapping Plus (AUD$521 add on to 6-month program)
(if you’re on the pill, postmenopausal, or have irregular cycles then DUTCH Complete is advised for AUD$407)

Laboratory work conducted by: Research Nutrition Australia

Great to include if you’re struggling with fertility, hormonal symptoms that fluctuate through the cycle, PMS, mid-cycle spotting, or menstrual migraines etc and just want to know what your hormones are doing, to get some accountability, and allopathic support more quickly.

This test is considered the most informative hormone test available, giving way more information than saliva and blood tests. With the DUTCH we assess:

  • Level of HPA-Axis dysfunction and cortisol dysregulation (formally referred to as Adrenal Fatigue) i.e. how your body is handling stress
  • Steroidal hormone levels (how much is available for use), production (what’s being made) and metabolic pathways (where they are going)
  • DHEA, DHEA-S, free cortisol, metabolised cortisol, progesterone, estrogens, estrogen clearance pathways, testosterone and cortisone/cortisol preference
  • Circadian rhythm (dysfunction in how cortisol and melatonin levels alter over the day)
  • Catabolic/anabolic balance (breakdown/‘build-up’ of the body)
  • An indication of thyroid, liver, and gut function
  • Oxidative stress and 6 organic acid markers: HVA (dopamine), VMA (epinephrine), kynurenate (B6), MMA (B12),  pyroglutamate (glutathione) and 8-OHdG (oxidative damage)

DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus is a urine and saliva test.

For more about the DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus see here.
For a sample report see here.

Not struggling with fertility, hormonal symptoms that fluctuate through the cycle, PMS, mid-cycle spotting, or menstrual migraines etc.? You may not need the cycle mapping. Check out the DUTCH Plus and save $70.

Full Monty Panel –  RCP – from AUD$185 add-on to program

  • “Iron studies”, including:
    • Serum Iron
    • Total Iron-binding Capacity (TIBC) and/or Saturation
    • Serum Transferrin
    • Serum Ferritin
  • Serum Copper
  • Serum Ceruloplasmin (or Caeruloplasmin)
  • Red Blood Cell (RBC) Magnesium (needed in mmol/L – not available at QML)
  • Plasma Zinc
  • Hemoglobin (or Haemaglobin)
  • Vitamin A (Retinol)
  • Vitamin D (storage form: 25-OH)
    {some areas can’t get all, but we do recommend trying to get them

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel (AUD$235 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

In-depth screening of thyroid function and looks for evidence of autoimmune disease with a thyroid antibodies test. The hormones produced by the thyroid regulate metabolism – the rate at which the body uses energy. The body has a feedback system that turns thyroid hormone production on and off and maintains a stable amount of thyroid hormones in the bloodstream. When thyroid antibodies interfere with this process, it can lead to chronic conditions such as Hashimoto thyroiditis or Graves’ disease.

A thyroid antibodies test reveals situations where the immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid and can lead to chronic inflammation of the thyroid (thyroiditis), tissue damage, and disruption of thyroid function. An underactive or hypothyroid can cause symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, intolerance to cold, and constipation. Conversely an overactive or hyperthyroid can cause sweating, rapid heart rate, anxiety, tremors, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and sudden weight loss.

TSH. FT4, FT3, rT3, FT3 to rT3 ratio, TPOAb, TGAb, TSH Stimulating Immunoglobulin (TSI)

Blood Chemistry Panel (AUD$135 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

A comprehensive metabolic panel which includes a full blood exam, lipid profile, liver and kidney function check, and iron studies.

Iron Studies (AUD$59 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

Iron, Transferrin, Transferrin Saturation, Ferritin

B Vitamin Check (AUD$135 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

B12, folate, B6

Vitamin D (AUD$55 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

Free Copper to Zinc Ratio (AUD$92 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

Caeruloplasmin, Copper, Zinc, Copper to Zinc Ratio

Female Hormone Check – saliva (AUD$199 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

Adrenal Stress Check (AUD$152 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) (AUD$239 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPATH

If you know you don’t have parasites yet still have digestive issues, then you may have SIBO. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO or BOSI) is a common gastrointestinal disorder that often underlies chronic gastrointestinal symptoms of maldigestion and malabsorption, including bloating, gas, diarrhoea, irregularity, and abdominal pain.

This test is a simple, non–invasive breath test.

For more information see here.

Intestinal Permeability / Leaky Gut (AUD$169 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPath

Heard about ‘leaky gut’ and wondering if you have it? This is a simple test where we gain insight into your small intestinal absorption ability and the barrier function in your bowel. These provide clues about whether or not you are digesting food well and absorbing the nutrients. It also gives us an insight into your immune system integrity (maybe you have an autoimmune disease and leaky gut has been mentioned to you), food sensitivities (maybe you are getting intolerant to more and more food and don’t know why), dysbiosis (imbalance of gut bacteria), villus atrophy, (loss of finger-like projections from the intestinal lining where nutrient absorption occurs), and crypt hyperplasia (thickening and inflammation of the intestinal lining).

For this test you will need to drink a pre-measured amount of lactulose and mannitol (different sugars) and collect urine samples.

For more information see here.

IgG (Immunoglobulin G) Food Allergy Testing (AUD$335 add-on to program)

Laboratory work conducted by: NutriPATH

Food sensitivities can cause a wide range of symptoms and disorders, inflammation and irritation to the gut. Symptoms may even come on long after eating a certain food, so sensitivities can be hard to determine. This finger prick test is a useful guide to help structure an elimination diet for many chronic health conditions (frequent headaches, digestive upset, brain fog, joint pain etc). By removing these food items from the diet we can decrease inflammation and further support healing.

For more information see here.


Prices and products are a guide and are subject to change at any time, dictated by the laboratories. All prices are in Australian Dollars