Worn down by that recurring backache or dodgy shoulder?

Fed up with getting injured and not able to perform well at the gym?

Sick of airy-fairy massages that are more irritating than anything else?

Why the heck is it so hard to find a good remedial massage therapist?

Well I can’t answer that one, but I am confident that if you allow me to work on you, you won’t be disappointed.

Remedial Massage has been found to:

  • Boost your immune system and general well-being,
  • Reduce muscle tension,
  • Improve circulation,
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system,
  • Reduce stress hormones,
  • Improve relaxation,
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility,
  • Reduce anxiety and depression, and
  • Help prevent injury,
    …what a package!

With over 6 years experience, I have been told I work differently to other Remedial and Sports Massage Therapists, often releasing areas people never even knew were an issue. I have also been told I have Ninja fingers!

I use the full range of standard remedial massage techniques including:

  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET),
  • Positional Release Technique (PRT),
  • Myofascial release (MFR),
  • Mobilisations with Movement (MWM),
  • Swedish Massage for stress relief and relaxation,
  • Trigger point (NMT) release, and
  • Sports Massage
    …to work on specific areas of discomfort, decrease pain and increase your range of movement.

I also work intuitively with your body releasing stuck energy and applying healing throughout your massage where needed, working with your energy meridians to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, working with reflexology points on your feet, stimulating the lymphatic system, and empowering your chakras.

I offer optional myofascial cupping as part of your massage treatment for no extra cost.

Depending on your body’s needs I may use moving cups to:

  • release tension,
  • stimulate the lymphatics, and
  • improve circulation,

…or I may use stationery cups to get deep into a specific area, releasing stagnation and improving your range of motion and flexibility.

Both techniques may or may not leave bruise-like marks for up to a week or so – it’s truly body and method specific and I can discuss this with you during your massage treatment.

Solfeggio and miracle frequencies play in the background to help you relax and provide sound healing as your massage treatment is experienced.

Aromatherapy is also used to enhance your stress and tension release and further aid healing.

I also offer an option to blend your Remedial Massage treatment with Reiki, in my signature Energy Healing Massage for a more meditative, spiritual experience. You can make your selection by following the booking link.

My clients include various sports players including rugby players, kick-boxers, MMA fighters, triathletes, and rowers, as well as truck drivers, dads, mums, Reiki Masters, reflexologists, other massage therapists, and more.

Some love to chat, others love to relax or meditate. This is your time and I aim to provide you the very best massage treatment I can.

I work with you to achieve your goals and will provide advice for at-home care of your aches and pains with a range of stretches specific for you to help you between massages.

Is this your first massage in a while, or do you have a nagging issue affecting you?

Remedial massage is what it says it is…it is a remedy for a specific ache or pain. With this in mind, that specific part of your body may need more time spent on it to address your issue.

With a 60-minute massage, it is rarely enough time to fully treat the upper and lower body sufficiently in such a case. If you book a 1-hour treatment, please be prepared to forego a thorough treatment on the opposite region of your body…alternatively I recommend booking a 90-minute treatment to allow for fully effective whole-body massage.

I am accredited with Massage and Myotherapy Australia (AAMT).

I offer health rebates where you are eligible with your health fund and I am a Medibank, BUPA, and AHM preferred provider.