twin mum

The Mum’s Functional Health Practitioner & Life Coach

Carla Atkinson, PhD, HTMA-P, FDN-P

I’m a Functional Health & Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner, and Life Coach, specialising in helping mums struggling with exhaustion, low mood, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, and that sensation of feeling tired but too wired to sleep.

I’m also mum to ‘fournado’ twin boys, and have struggled with and healed from anorexia, gut and digestive problems, no menstrual cycle, two miscarriages, depression, anxiety, perfectionism, exhaustion, brain fog, and pain from scoliosis.

I want to help you restore your strength and energy so you can get back to fully living and enjoying your life instead of feeling held back by your fatigue and health struggles.

No more dimmed, knackered versions of ourselves, let’s become our true radiant selves!

As the heart of our families, if mumma don’t feel good, ain’t nobody happy!

Growing, feeding, and bringing our babies into this modern world takes a toll on our body. It’s no wonder we struggle to find energy, we forget things when we walk into a room, and we steal moments to cry in the shower! If we don’t properly replenish our body we can struggle with our health even years later.

Mummahood is THE most wonderful thing, but it’s also THE most challenging and demanding role in our lives. Managing these responsibilities as we also strive to pursue various aspirations and desires, can push us to the limits, leaving us teetering between exhaustion and burnout.

I help you discover and address the specific needs of your body, enabling it to generate energy on a cellular level. This allows it to function properly and feel great, so you can get on with creating and enjoying your magnificent life, rather than feel like you are merely existing through your days.

When we feel good on the inside, everything else in life feels a heck of a lot easier!

Much of my healing journey has been spent figuring things out on my own as conventional medicine wasn’t giving me answers to my struggles.

This has taken a lot of time (and over $50k in courses, books, and mentoring), which ain’t fun, and so I’m here to share my knowledge with you and get you results in way less time!

The body is a freaking amazing feat of engineering and it sends us messages in the form of symptoms, when somethings not quite right. It’s up to us to listen and get help to decipher that message so it doesn’t have to struggle any longer and can receive what it needs to restore proper function.

This is the detective challenge I love to embark on!

I want to help you uncover those answers so that you are no longer held back, as I was, by physical & emotional fatigue, and health struggles, and can instead get on with living and creating your beautiful life.

I see my own health battles as a gift to serving you better, from a place of true understanding, whilst also showing you what’s possible!

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