Test Don’t Guess!

Get access to functional lab testing to dig deeper for your root causes, and work with me 1-on-1.

Got questions? Book a complementary chat with me and I can help you determine which testing options will be best for you.

Take the guesswork out of what your body needs most by adding on some functional lab testing. I guarantee your results will validate your symptoms!

Having lab results also helps to keep us accountable and literally scale how we are improving.

Within the Radiant Mumma program I advise you on various blood tests that you may like to get through your GP (some of which may be covered by Medicare) and how to interpret them, however, blood tests don’t tell us the whole story and so you may like to dig deeper and get some functional lab tests done.

Prices include:

Test kit,
Lab report,
Analysis of your functional labs and blood testing,
3-month mineral balancing protocol (HTMA) and/or 4 phase gut healing protocol dependent on results (CMM),
Lab review session to walk you through your results and protocol.
Follow-up session

Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed or unsure what you need, book a chat with me HERE and I can talk you through.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) – $599

Blood is homeostatic in nature meaning it’s content is kept fairly balanced, often with the body drawing from tissues to maintain blood levels of nutrients. With blood tests we can’t see what’s getting into your cells and any imbalances may take a while to detect, when the needle has already tipped a long way off optimal.

For this reason I recommend Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) if you are wanting to determine what your body needs most. This is like a blueprint to restoring your health.

The HTMA is best if you’re struggling with fatigue and have no digestive issues. It shows us your metabolic rate, your adrenal, thyroid, digestive, liver, and immune health, toxin status plus and so much more. CLICK HERE for more on what the HTMA can do for you.


Complete Microbiome Map (CMM) – $850

If your main complaints are with your gut and/or digestion I recommend the Complete Microbiome Map (CMM).

The CMM looks at microbes that cause disease or that disrupt the normal microbial balance and contribute to illness, as well as various immune and digestive markers. CLICK HERE for more on what the CMM can do for you.


DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus – $899

If your main complaints are with fertility, hormonal symptoms that fluctuate through the cycle, PMS, mid-cycle spotting, or menstrual migraines etc, and you just want to know what your hormones are doing, to get some accountability, and allopathic support more quickly. I recommend the DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus.

The DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus not only maps estrogen and progesterone through the monthly menstrual cycle, but also adds the comprehensiveness of all the hormone metabolites along with the cortisol awakening response (CAR).

The HTMA, CMM, and DUTCH are to main tests I use as they tell us so much and give us a great foundation on which to start.

In some cases we may need to dig even deeper to gain a better understanding of what’s going on to support you best. These will be explained within the program or your sessions with me, and you may reach out to discuss with me at anytime. If you would like to see other lab tests that I may recommend you can SEE HERE.


Add-on Consultations and Support

If you need some help implementing your protocol and creating habits that last, with accountability and support on your journey, you may add on a support pack.


3-month Support Pack – $497

This 12-week option includes:

3x 45 min Follow-up Sessions (1 per month) – to check in with your progress, make any necessary adjustments to your protocol, get any questions answered, and get coached around anything your struggling with.
6x email check-ins (1 per fortnight) to ask any questions around what was discussed in previous sessions.


3-month Intensive Support Pack – $990

This 12-week option includes:

6x 45 min Follow-up Sessions (1 per fortnight)
12x email check-ins (1 per week)


One-off Consultation – $150


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