new mum

Designed especially for the aches and pains you experience with the excess weight of carrying baby, and all the crazy positions you get into nurturing them…

…PLUS that much needed relaxation and stress release!

Give your body the rest and nurture it needs with either a 60 or 90 mins treatment (we all know you deserve the 90!).

After giving birth to twins and exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months…you can rest assured I know all too well the aches and pains a new mumma feels! Not to mention how you sometimes just feel like you give all to everyone and you don’t matter anymore!

Well yes, even if you don’t put yourself first anymore, trust me when I say that everyone will benefit if you do once in a while. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”.

I certainly felt like this and wanted to have a treatment like remedial massage, that would get deep and effectively ease my aches and pains, yet I also wanted to enjoy some pampering, relaxation and stress relief without having to purchase (and find the time for) four or five different treatments all over the coast!

So, I developed the “New Mumma Massage” with us new mummas in mind!

We start with remedial massage including various trigger point and myofasical release techniques to ease your aching arms, neck and shoulders, from all that breastfeeding and the crazy postures you get yourself in holding your baby!

I help to ease any carpal tunnel pains you may have (those sore wrists and numb fingers), and release those tired overworked feet and calves from carrying that belly all those months!

Then we slip into energy balancing aromatherapy and stress relief body work associated with AromaTouch® Technique and Reiki to support and help the body restore and feel freaking amazing and able to keep going!

Come and give it a try! You deserve it!

You have the choice of a 60-min or 90-min massage treatment.