I highly recommend having your own morning ritual for sooooo many reasons! These all essentially lead to a happier, more content you. Please give yourself at least 10-15 minutes or so in the morning for ‘you’ time to just sit and be before you embark on the day’s activities. At least just give it a try, you will be surprised how much it improves your day! Please at the very least do steps 2 and 3, if the other steps don’t work for you then feel free to change them so that they do. It would be great to share how you go and how you adapt the ritual for you in our Facebook Group!

  1. On waking think about at least 3 things that make you smile and say thank you. Gratitude is powerful and a great way to start the day in a good mood! These can be as simple as having two legs to get out of bed with, or even just having a bed to sleep in…think about everything and anything!
  2. Wash your mouth out with water and scrape tongue before you consume anything to remove the toxins that accumulate there overnight. Then look in the mirror and say the words “I love you” or some other positive affirmation for yourself…I like “I can, I will, watch me”, or “Today all the doors are open to me”.
  3. Sip a 1 litre filtered, room-temperature or slightly warmed water in the first hour of waking. Optional: add juice of ½ lemon and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) to cleanse your system, ready your stomach acid for breakfast and hydrate you…ensure you rinse your mouth straight after drinking to avoid acid erosion of your teeth (can replace with herbal tea or bone broth).
  4. Dry body brush for 2 minutes (I do this whilst brushing my teeth!), this is great to stimulate circulation as well as the lymphatic system and helps to get rid of dead skin cells and detox.
  5. Do at least 5-10 minutes of stretching and twisting daily (I try and do 20-30 minutes in the morning and find this sets me up well for the day, occasionally I will stretch at night also, especially if I have been to the gym). Especially think about mobilizing the spine and opening the hips. This is great not only for your mind but for circulation, posture, and emotions. It is good to mindful of your posture throughout the day also and periodically circle and stretch your neck and shoulders for a minute or two during your activities. A video download of the movements I like to do each morning is included with our Kick Start Program.
  6. Do at least 5-10 minutes of meditation/mindfulness. The benefits of just taking a few minutes for yourself in the morning really are limitless. If you can’t do this until you are out the house and at work (and have to sit in a toilet cubicle to avoid people!) then that’s fine too, but I really encourage you to try and fit this in, no matter how little time you meditate for, every second counts! If you can do more, then great! If you can do in the evening or at lunch too, then perfect. Sometimes I like to play a recording I made of my affirmations. An MP3 download of these affirmations is included with our Kick Start Program.
  7. Eat a breakfast high in protein, fat and fibre. Try eggs and sautéed veggies and spices in coconut oil with avocado, or coconut yogurt with a selection of toasted nuts and seeds and some berries. Make sure you also include some carbs if you train in the morning.