I know you!

You’re a driven, contentious mumma that wants to do it all, but you are struggling.

Struggling with ‘all the things’ you ‘have’ to do and be. You don’t even know who you are anymore, you have lost that sense of self, you don’t feel aligned, you have no balance, and your health and mental state is suffering.

You dream of finding some time for yourself, but there’s an endless list of things to do with no apparent completion – you mop the floors then the kids drop food on it, do the laundry then there’s another pile that appears, serve and eat dinner then everyone wants snacks.

You’re so fricken tired all the time with no energy, you can’t focus or think clearly, your gut feels off, you’re anxious, and you are a pressure cooker of emotions. Oh! And it would be nice to sometimes feel like it was the good old days, when you actually wanted to get intimate with your partner!

Your day ends with wine o’clock, Netflix, and scrolling on your phone looking at everything going on in the world outside your ‘Groundhog Day’ life, or you are working on the computer at any opportunity you can to get ahead with your business, start a business, and/or get back to work so you can have some sense of achievement and completion, but your productivity and drive is flailing.

You see how you’re feeling is impacting your relationships, your health and your productivity, and you know that things shouldn’t be so goddam hard.

You know there is more to life, and you want it all, that freedom, joy, energy, and abundance. You love your babies and your work, you have the ideal life on paper, but something just isn’t right.

Even though your soul is yearning for change, you are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do to make things better, let alone be able to find time to add anything more to your schedule.

Living this way is making you resentful, and you don’t like who you are becoming. Even though your doctor says all your blood tests are fine, you know something is going on within you, you have changed, and you no longer feel in control.

You are beyond trying to fix yourself with smoothies, diets, and flogging yourself at the gym, and want to figure out what’s going on in your body, why you feel this way.


Because I was you…

I literally found myself lying on the floor kicking and screaming in an argument with my husband. I was in my body, but I felt totally out of control, like some crazy ass psycho had taken over and was totally overreacting and being melodramatic. I stormed out the house to walk in the forest not caring what happened to me. My thumb was throbbing, and I looked to see it was swollen…I must have banged it in my thrashing rage…how pathetic I felt.

As I continued walking my senses started to come back to me and I sobbed and sobbed. Why the hell was I so unhappy? I had a beautiful supportive husband, loving parents, great friends, and two beautiful identical twin boys.

I sat there for a long time before I went back home. I had a similar outbreak before but nothing like this. This was a breakdown. I was exhausted, I didn’t want to talk, I was embarrassed at how I reacted, I just wanted it all to stop. I knew this was something more than me, something inside me, some imbalance, something with my biochemistry that was off. Being the Practitioner that I am, and knowing where I found answers before, I did what I know best and did some lab testing and soul searching.

This is how…

I did a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (HTMA). Minerals are known as the spark plugs for the human body to work and I figured my spark plugs weren’t sparking, so this was a good place to start!

The HTMA is also great for assessing metabolic rate (how fast our body burns food and turns it into fuel, i.e. how fast our cells make and utilise energy), determining adrenal, thyroid, and immune health (our stress manager, energy factory, and defense system), checking out our digestion, blood sugar and hormone balance, and seeing how well our body is doing at detoxing things, plus our heavy metal toxicity status and lots more i.e. a great all round test that would give me the answers as to why I was feeling the way I was.

My results showed me that all my four main macrominerals, along with many others, were very low, my adrenals and thyroid were tanked, my digestion was out, my gut was suffering, and I had heavy metal toxicities. All this even though I ate well and did ‘all the things’ I know I should do…my body needed extra help.

With my results I was able to develop a healing plan that was unique for my body’s specific needs. Bloody brilliant! Instead of guessing and trying heaps of different things, aiming blindly in the dark. I knew I was on the right track straight away.

However, it did involve making myself a priority at times, which any mumma knows is easier said than done!

And so, this is where my spiritual side also helped me. I dug deep into my belief and behavioural patterns. My needs and values, my desires, dreams, goals. The version of me I wanted to be, and I started to create her.

This was such a transformation for me, and I know how hard the struggle is, so I wanted to focus on helping mummas become empowered in understanding their mind, body, and soul so that they can get the right support and strategies they need to become that role model and mumma they dream of being, and be truly happy again.

When we feel good, we do good!


Imagine how much more you could accomplish in your business if you had more energy and mental clarity.

Imagine how differently you would show up to your children and partner.


Just take a breath and think about the thoughts and self-talk that runs through your mind daily and how you are feeling right now.

Is this how you want to stay?

Is this how you want to live?


Do you want to feel like a computer with too many tabs open, running super slow, or do you want a fresh hard drive and more RAM to run efficiently and on task?


Changing is hard. You have probably told yourself you know what you need to do but somehow it just doesn’t seem to happen, you can’t find the time.

As your personal Coach, Functional Health Practitioner, and Mentor, I am here to help you discover the things your unique body needs right now. I am here to support and help you gain focus and clarity to create the change you long for.

I will provide you with a safe space to share your struggles and desires, helping you find alignment and balance. No judgement…I have been there! My coaching is designed to help you feel validated and heard, whilst keeping you accountable to your actions that will take you on your journey to the best version of you.



Your pains, dreams, goals, and subconscious belief patterns that are holding you back, as well as what’s going on biochemically and energetically in your body.


With the right nutrition, rest, restorative sleep, movement, detoxification, body work, gut health, and supplementation for your unique body.


When you heal from the inside out and live with a toolbox of strategies to keep you aligned to your true self.


As part of our time together we will work on your:

  • Mineral balancing, after completing a HTMA to determine your mineral profile, metabolic rate, adrenal health, thyroid health, heavy metal status and much more
  • Nutrition and eating habits, which foods you personally need to focus on (based on your mineral profile and metabolic rate), how you can eat better, and why you want to make these changes
  • Sleep patterns and how you can get better, more revitalising sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Gut health to improve your digestion and help banish bloating and tummy pains
  • Hormone balance to get more a stable emotional state and cycle
  • Exercise and movement to determine the right type and frequency of exercise that works for you, and set up a plan that you want to stick to
  • Stress levels and discover ways to manage and reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
  • Chemical/environmental and physical stressors and discover what may be burdening your body and contributing to your symptoms
  • Emotional health and work through your biggest obstacles and roadblocks with Theta Healing, Reiki, EFT and NLP techniques, to identify patterns of behaviour that may be damaging your health and stopping you from living your true potential
  • Feminine cycles and how they relate to your moods, appetite, work, creativity, and exercise

You will learn techniques to help reduce stress and support your nervous system, and be introduced to different tools to help you manage through the day.

We will discuss other Functional Lab Testing that may be of value to your health journey where relevant…and we will get clear on which supplements may be best for you to support your healing journey, and help you source and determine which brands to choose including practitioner quality options.

This work will be soulful, and transformational…something that will serve you in your years ahead.

The investment that you make within yourself will be one of the most rewarding for yourself and for your family. You will wish you had done it sooner!


Are you ready to step into your potential and become that role model and mumma you dream of being?

“When a woman finally learns that pleasing the world is impossible, she becomes free to learn how to please herself.” ― Glennon Doyle