Coffee, sugar and salt scrubs are becoming ever more popular as natural exfoliants. Why not make your own and save some money!? I particularly love the idea of my coffee scrub waking my body up and boosting my circulation in an invigorating morning shower. The coconut oil in this recipe also leaves your skin nicely moisturized. Scrubs are great to remove old fake tan…and then prepare your skin for more fake tanning!

Ingredients :

1 cup organic coffee grounds
3 tablespoons Himalayan salt
6 tablespoons organic cold pressed coconut oil
Essential oils of choice (optional… lemon and rosemary are great for a circulatory boost!)


Mix all in a bowl or container of choice and use liberally all over your body, especially on your booty!

NB You can of course change the ratios depending on your liking!

Coffee body scrub